Zach, a rideshare driver and family man, picks up a woman named Angelina, who says she’s only visiting a friend. When Zach discovers that Angelina and her daughter are trapped in a terrible situation, he feels compelled to help.

Inspired by a true rideshare story.

A Logan Avenue Productions presentation

Michael Farca, Giana Carli,
Lani Stait, Paul Farahvar, April Lowery,
Jeff A. Smith, Christina Lindsay,
& Patrick Blashill

Written, Directed & Produced by
Glenn Garrabrant

Music by
Alex Brinkley

Associate Producers
Richard T. Fields
Giana Carli

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“A character-driven piece that doesn’t rely on bombast or speechifying to make its points…” –Take2IndieReview

Visiting Friends is a tale of the depth of human kindness…” –Indy Reviews

“The core strength of Visiting Friends, as in most productions, lies in the performances. In this film, each one feels authentic, layered, and sincere.” –IndyRed

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